Spectroelectrochemical flow cell

Study of charge transfer mechanism on the interface between electrode and electrolyte.
Spectroscopy on electrode surface or in the neighborhood.
Absorption spectra of products and intermediates.
Analyses of concentration, diffusion coefficient, life time, and so on.

 Schematic view of flow cell (thin layer flow channel, light pass and working electrode) is shown below. Working electrodes (ITO, platinum mini-grid, and gold mini-grid) are replaceable. UV or visible light is introduced via optical-fiber from light source and the absorbed light is transferred into CCD via optical-fiber. Example of spectrum change during oxidation-reduction of ferrocene by CV is shown below at right.

Spectroelectrochemical electrodes

Principal of Spectruelectrochemical measurement


Schematic diagram of spectroelectrochemical flow cell

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Pt and Gold mini Grid electrode

Structure of ITO Electrode

Pt mini-grid electrode is made by sputtering on quartz plate as shown in the picture below. Size is 8 27 mm, width of grid line is 150 m, space between lines is 100 m.

Pt Mini-Grid Electrode-photo

Spectroelectrochemical system with Flow cell kit

Spectroelectrochemical system with Flow cell kit

Fiber optic spectrometer was used in this measuring system; Lights are transmitted by optic fibers over a proper wavelength through electrode. The lights absorption, which caused by electrolysis on the electrode, can be detected by spectrometer.

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Figure 1. The absorbance of ferrocene and products in acetonitrile with TEAP.
Electrolysis conditions: electrolyzed at 800 mV for 400 second using ITO working electrode.


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Figure 2. The absorbance of potassium hexacyanoferrate (II) and products in KNO3.
Electrolysis conditions: electrolyzed at 500 mV for 300 second using ITO working electrode.

The change of absorbance due to oxidation/reduction during electrolysis measurement can be observed clearly. When a sample is active spectroscopically and electrochemically, deep understanding of the reaction mechanism can be obtained by analyzing it simultaneously.


CV grph of Ferronene in accetnitrile TBAP


Cat No. Description
011320 SEC-F Spectroelectrochemical flow cell
011329 SEC-F flow cell base
011330 SEC-F flow cell block (A)
011331 SEC-F flow cell block (B)
011495 SEC-FT500 Teflon gasket (2 pcs)
012234 UV UV/VIS Collimating Lens, 200-2000 nm
------ Dynaseal PEEK fingertight (3 pcs)
------ Teflon tube (80 cm)
------ Silicon tube (30 cm)
------ Stainless tube OD 1/16" (50 mm)


Optional Products

Cat No. Description
011810 SEC-F 1000 m probe type of optical fiber Length: 1 m
012655 SEC-2F Pt grid electrode for flow cell 8 x 27 x 1 mmt
012656 SEC-2F Au grid electrode for flow cell 8 x 27 x 1 mmt
012657 SEC-2F Carbon grid electrode for flow cell 8 x 27 x 1 mmt
012658 SEC-2F ITO electrode for flow cell (4 pcs) 8 x 27 x 1 mmt
012169 RE-3V Silver-silver chloride Reference electrode Screw type φ10 x 55 mm
012173 RE-7V Non Aqueous reference electrode (Ag/Ag+) Screw type φ10 x 55 mm